Chef Diablo 2022 Logo Remake.png

Founding Chef and Owner / a.k.a Night Samuel

From the seas of the west indies to fires of spicy Latin America, I am the one and only Chef Diablo the “Lord of The Dark Cocina.”  Let me tell you a little about myself, I’ll keep it dark and mysterious. I am a chef, a chef that concentrates on flavor, flavor and more flavor. Yeah I can create petite dishes with out of this world ingredients by why do that if I can feed you some tender, soft and delicious BBQ jerk chicken, Stew oxtail, short rib birria tacos, that will keep you coming back for more. I believe one should cook with three important components  Desire, Hunger and Love

Being hungry will make you come up with the craziest out of the box ideas. Desire to feed your stomach and satisfy it will push you to create something delicious, then you top it out with a little love for your craft as a chef and bang! A dish that people will enjoy to the last bite and come back craving mor and more. All my plates at Cream, showcase some sort of flavors combination from the West indies and Latin America. These two areas of the world, come together in a marriage of flavors that will make your mouth water. Each dish is made out to be exclusive, a lot of time is put into finalizing it before it hit the menu. I stride to make sure the food at Cream is amazing, delicious and held to high levels. Welcome to my island and home enjoy the Vybz and live it up.