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Founding Chef and Owner / a.k.a Nightt Samuel

Introducing the esteemed Chef Diablo, the "Maestro of the Culinary Arts." Chef Diablo's expertise lies in crafting dishes that not only ignite the taste buds with a burst of flavor but also leave diners yearning for more. While possessing the skills to create exquisite, high-end plates featuring ingredients that challenge the tongue, this culinary virtuoso's true passion lies in the joy of sharing delicious, approachable cuisine.

At Cream, Chef Diablo showcases the harmonious fusion of flavors from the West Indies and Latin America, two regions known for their vibrant culinary tapestry. Each plate is meticulously crafted, with every detail considered before it graces the menu. Chef Diablo's creations aim to delight and impress, setting new standards in gastronomic excellence.

Join Chef Diablo on this tantalizing journey as he invites you to explore the enticing rhythms and unparalleled tastes of his island home. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance, and let the sensual magic of Cream sweep you away. Welcome to his culinary paradise, where life, laughter, and delectable delights are celebrated.

About the Chef: About the Chef
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