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Founding Chef and Owner 

Get ready to meet Chef Diablo, the "Pepperpot Picasso" of the culinary canvas. Hailing from the heart of Guyana, Chef Diablo weaves the mystique of his Carribean roots into every simmering pot and sizzling pan. His handcrafted dishes don't just tantalize your taste buds; they'll leave you hungry for another bite, another story, another journey across the sea of flavour.


At "Cream," his cozy, come-as-you-are kitchen, Chef Diablo showcases the vibrant dance of West Indies and Latin American flavours. It's a "Mashramani" of taste in every plate, where every ingredient sings its own song, and each dish tells a tale as rich as the land of many waters. 


Ever had the feeling of the warm sun and cool breeze as you bite into a meal? That's the Chef Diablo experience. He doesn't just cook food; he paints a picture with taste and texture, bringing the Guyanese "Liming" spirit to every table. 


So, throw off your shoes, let the pulsating rhythms of soca music wash over you, and join Chef Diablo on this culinary escapade. Welcome to his "Cassava" of gastronomy, where the fun is in the feast, and every meal is a jubilant "Jump-Up"! Here, we don't just celebrate food. We celebrate life, laughter, and the enchanting essence of the Carribean.

About the Chef: About the Chef
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Chef Diego

Chef Diego: The Culinary Maestro of Cream Ridgewood

Meet Chef Diego, Cream Ridgewood's energetic kitchen virtuoso, who adds a delightful spark to our culinary landscape. Side by side with Chef Diablo, Diego skillfully blends global influences into his vibrant Mexican heritage, resulting in unique, mouth-watering dishes.

Dubbed "Los Hermanos del Lienzo Culinario," the brothers of the culinary canvas, Diego and Diablo redefine Latina and West Indian cuisines. Their daring innovations and flavor fusions offer a gastronomic adventure, boldly elevating these culinary traditions to unparalleled heights.

With a knack for blending diverse cuisines, Diego creates symphonies of taste that are as mysterious as a Mexican sunset and as joyful as a fiesta. Each bite at Cream Ridgewood promises a celebration of flavors from around the world, masterfully woven into Mexico's rich gastronomic tapestry.

Get ready for an edible fiesta with Chef Diego. He's not just serving food; he's serving culture, joy, and passion on a plate.

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