This is the team that makes all

the magic happen at Cream Ridgewood. Their unique methods and personalities bring them together and creates a brotherhood.

It's this cohesiveness that drives the very unique dynamic that makes Cream,


Chef Diablo - Founding Chef and Owner / a.k.a Night Samuel

Chef Diablo believes one should cook with desire and love – two ingredients that can’t be found on store shelves. It can only come from within. This philosophy and a will to continue even when he thought himself he couldn’t, is what has made him and Cream Ridgewood the hidden gems that they are. Discovering a love for cooking at an early age watching his mom make various, seemingly random ingredients, come alive into magnificent Caribbean dishes, peaked his hidden culinary interests quickly. Years later, after attending the French Culinary Institute in New York City and studying with various culinary giants like Chef Jay Medford and Chef Enzo Neri, Chef Diablo has carved out his own niche in Ridgewood that is growing bigger and better every day.  


Chef Diego - Executive Chef

Chef Diego believes food should be fresh and colorful and that your senses should come alive as soon as you encounter it! And his final product when brought to table surely displays his feelings. His artistic presentation and technique he attributes to the teaching he received while working with Chef Enzo Neri (Brand Chef, Dinehall Restaurant/Tbilisi, Georgia). He combines that with an awesome talent for blending different flavors to create new and exciting taste experiences. His personal favorite is his grilled salmon with rice and mango salsa asparagus. Chef Diego says it combines just the right amounts of spicy and sweet, making it a tropical delight!

Gerorbis Medina - Head Bartender


What attracted me to work at Cream was the art being created on a daily by Chef Diablo & Chef Diego. Their constant drive to come up with creative dishes drove me to up my creativity with my drinks. A quick summary of what got me into bartending was the movie cocktails with Tom Cruise. I was enamored watching this man in a Hawaiin shirt and flip flops flipping bottles and making these beautiful colorful drinks. It was like watching poetry in motion and I couldn’t get my eyes off of it. Ten year old me had a fire awakened in him. The year was 1999 and with the new millennium approaching I made it my resolution to be passionate about the art of bartending. Despite all the years I’ve dedicated to the art of bartending,  I still consider myself a student of the game.


Conejo- Sous Chef

The energy that Is brought from such and individual is what keeps the band together. His creativity is unique and has come from many cuisines. Conejo has a variety of worker experience from many restaurants throughout New York, He has worked with Chef Diablo throughout many projects and is one of the greatest assets to the Cream Ridgewood Team.

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